10 ways to stay fit the natural way at Parihoa.

Staying fit - naturally

10 ways to stay fit the natural way at Parihoa.

Whilst Parihoa does offer a fully equipped gym, it’s worth embracing nature and getting inventive with your fitness regime

Here are 10 ways to get your workout in the au natural way whilst soaking up the local beauty ……

1. Swimming

It’s perhaps the most obvious exercise when by the sea or in accommodation with a pool. A swim is a great way to explore the coastline and benefit your health too.

Increase your heart rate, tone your muscles and build strength and endurance without stressing your body. Dip into the sea, our pool – or both.


Get those laps in! The pool at Chapman House

2. Horse Riding

You will be mistaken for thinking it’s the horse that’s doing all the work. according to many online sources the average person burns 250-400 calories per hour horseback riding at a slow speed and 550-700 calories per hour riding at a faster speed such as a gallop. Treks across the local beaches are an awesome way to work up a sweat and catch the best views. Check out Muriwai Beach Horse Treks for classes and treks.

Horse Trek

The team from Muriwai Horse Treks sets out at Parihoa

3. Surfing and Stand up Paddle Boarding

Both surfing and SUPing uses muscles throughout your entire body to get you up and balanced on the board. From your core to tiny muscles around the bones in your feet, it’s a full-body workout. A one-hour session burns around 500 calories – just enough to clear breakfast and make room for lunch.

Muriwai Surf School is a short distance from Parihoa and offers lessons and board hire.


Image: Muriwai Surf School

4. Breathwork

The way we breathe is linked to every single function and system in the body. As we all have daily stresses in our lives, it is important to take the time to breath to improve your physical health and mental wellbeing. EnRich Breathwork help to discover the power of breath. 


Image: EnRich Breathwork at Chapman House

5. Running

It’s simple – and still one of the best ways to stay in shape and improve your mood. The Te Henga walkway runs past Parihoa and runs 10.3 kilometres from Bethells Beach to Muriwai, so you’ll have no problem getting your morning 5K/10k in. The track follows coastal cliffs and is rutted and steep in sections so do be careful and watch your step. For added intensity, run on the beach; the resistance from the sand can surprise even the most avid of runners. The Speights West Coaster runs along the Te Henga Walkway and through Parihoa.

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Image: Speights West Coaster

6. Hiking

With many different hiking routes starting or crossing through Parihoa, you can hike to different locations on each morning of your stay. It’s worth an early start to catch the staggeringly beautiful sunrise views. The uneven terrain of the trails and the health benefits of nature make this a great workout for the body and mind. Te Henga is the most popular nearby, and forms part of the well known Hilary Trail, a four-day 75 km trek across rugged country from Titirangi to Muriwai.


image: Epic Little Missions

7. Kayaking

Did you know that just one hour of kayaking can burn over 350 calories?
Kayaking builds muscle strength in so many more areas than just the arms; in fact, over 16 muscle groups get a workout when you take to the water with a kayak. Chat to the guys at Auckland Sea Kayaks to organize bespoke kayaking experiences around the area.


Image: Auckland Sea Kayaks

8. Yoga

Grab a mat and roll it out on the deck for a sunrise/sunset session.

Whether you follow your own practice or want to take part in an online class, there is no shortage of great outdoor locations to set up. Yoga can help to increase your flexibility, strengthen your body and relax your mind. Our friends at Les Mills have some great online yoga classes. 

LMOD BodyBalance 1085 v2

Image: Les Mills Body Balance at Parihoa

LMOD BodyBalance 1279

Image: Les Mills at Parihoa

9. Cycling

Full-on mountain biking burns upwards of 600 calories an hour and builds muscles in your arms, back, chest, and core. If you have your own bike bring it along and enjoy the local trails – or why not venture further afield and try out Auckland's only managed and purpose-built rider accessed single track network.


Image: Postie Plus at Parihoa

LMOD TheTrip 1314

Image: Les Mills The Trip at Parihoa

10. Golf

Coastal location means lots of awesome links courses on your doorstep – offering 18 holes all year long Muriwai Golf Club is a beautiful well kept course. Don’t worry if you don’t have any clubs you can also rent some here. If you walk the course rather than taking the electric buggy you are looking at up 1400 calories burned over 18 holes! Check out their webcam for instant conditions.

Muriwai Golf Club

Image: Muriwai Golf Club

We hope you have fun exploring the area and staying fit at the same time. Do share your photos and feedback with us.