2023 Wedding trends you need to know!

2023 Wedding Trends

2023 Wedding trends you need to know!

Classic, sustainable and "all out" have been the trend setters for this upcoming wedding season, and we are here for it. We've collated our favourite trends for the season to get inspired by for your special day.

The top "need to know" trends for your 2023 wedding.

1. Pearls

Timeless, elegant and available in classic white to delicate pink, grey, or, rarest of them all: green, pearls are set to be the breakout wedding star of 2023. A special favourite of ours is Jimmy Choo’s Sacaria shoe which is completely studded with pearls! Be it; dresses, shoes, cakes, bouquets, jewellery or decor, Pinterest is reporting that searches for the term have doubled.

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Photographer: Haute Weddings


2. Twilight Wedding

Nothing says romance like a stunning sunset and those are something we specialise in at Parihoa. With more and more couples chasing those elusive sunset photos this is set to be a top trend for 2023.

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Rewi & Monique's Wedding


3. Sustainability

Becoming more and more of a consideration for couples, a sustainable celebration is something that can be achieved without compromise. As vendors and suppliers embrace the sustainable movement sustainable favours and serving options are being easier to source. Seeds, potted plants, edible gifts and charity donations are all great options if you want to embrace this wedding trend in 2023.

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4. Investing in Catering

Ensuring your celebration is a stand out event mean amazing food and catering. Spend on catering has increased by 20% despite guest number being lower and more couples are looking to be entertained as well with theatre-style viewing, outdoor cooking and chefs hosting a dining experience.


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Hayley & Simon's Wedding 


5. Love Drunk Photos

If you have dipped your toes into the wedding planning arena in 2022 you will have seen this photography trend coming through and 2023 will be without a doubt the year of the love drunk photo. Capturing the "dizzying bliss" of your day with more editorial authenticity these will be photos that evoke the truly emotional memories of your wedding day for years to come.

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6. Maximalism Florals

Goodbye minimalism, hello maximalism. Couples are looking to be immersed in seas of florals, foliage and scent. Repurposing your ceremony flowers to your reception space is a great way to embrace the maximalist trend whilst making your budget go further.

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