Sound bathing and the positive impact of 432 Hz listening

Sound bathing and the positive impact of 432 Hz listening

Meditating to soothing sounds or music is a wellbeing trend that is gaining in popularity. Here's our introduction to two of the fastest growing trends.

Sound Bathing

The practice of “sound bathing” involves adding singing bowls, gongs or even indigenous instruments, such as a digeridoo, to your meditation. The sound bath can lead you into a transcendental state where you can experience an increased sense of wellbeing, expanded awareness and overall relaxation. 

Singing Bowls

Christina Shiu, singing bowl specialist and founder of The Singing Bowl Gallery in Singapore, recently visited Bawah Reserve to train the team at Aura spa. They now use this simple yet calming instrument, restoring peace and balance, at the start and end of every spa treatment.

432 Hz

Another type of sound-driven reflection is listening to music that has a frequency of 432 Hz. Most music we hear in our everyday lives is tuned to 440 Hz. The slower 432 Hz frequency is said to elicit a positive shift in consciousness, giving the listener a sense of peace.

Anyone who has ever visited a spa or listened to Kenny G has experienced soothing 432 Hz music. Wellbeing practitioners and meditation experts favour this music too. A frequency of 432Hz is said to be the tone of nature, helping the listener to become more peaceful, creative and calm.

We tried it out ourselves and can report that music at 432 Hz encourages sleep and induces a meditative state. It’s excellent when you are working on a project or for simply zoning out.

Here are some other benefits:

• Helps to release stress and tension from the body
• Induces healing during and after surgeries
• Releases endorphins, serotonin and tension

Relaxing 432 Hz music coupled with beautiful imagery, and you are sure to float peacefully into a
place of calm and peace. Want to try it out? We have created a 30-minute and a 60-minute 432 Hz video for you to experience an auditory and visual “sound bath” right now.

Remember: let the music fill your body, revel in the images of nature and let the relaxation begin.

30 Minute 432 Hz video, watch now.


Top tips for the ultimate sound bathing experience

Whether you are using sound bowls or listening to 432Hz music, there are three things you can do to heighten your experience.

1. Be in a comfortable space

Choose a comfy spot and clear your mind of distractions. Get outdoors, if you can, to
increase your connection to nature.

2. Focus on your breathing.

Breathing in time with the music will deepen your level of relaxation and fully put your mind at rest.

3. Think positive, happy thoughts.

Thinking encouraging thoughts will help release built-up negative energy. Try to do this on a daily basis.